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Publishing your own packages to NPM (talk)

2018-05-08 : 3 Min Read : In tech

I recently gave a talk at SouthBayReact regarding publishing React components to NPM. While React components were the focus, these techniques can work for all kinds of packages.


Beyond publishing "Hello World". How to setup, develop, test, and publish your React components to NPM for your own selfish reasons.

This talk presented by Christopher Dunavan, who started out, like a lot of us, sharing some custom functions and components between different projects by manually copying a file or two from one project to another. Then one day he wondered why wasn't he using NPM to manage this for him and what else he could leverage to make his code better and his life easier.

Slide Deck

Slide Deck


NPM Resources

Other Resources

  • Jest - JavaScript Testing
  • Enzyme - Testing utility for React
  • Husky - Pre-commit and other hooks to help automate your workflow
  • eslint - Modern JavaScript linting
  • React Styleguidist - Styleguide for React
  • Cypress - End-to-end testing
  • Codesandbox.io - For when words don't do it justice, make an example

Basic starter used in example

Things found during research, but not used yet...

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