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TThe object dictionary pattern

2018-10-11 : 1 Min Read : In tech

A coding pattern I use a lot is the dictionary pattern for resolving the proper variable or method for a particular use. If you are working on one of my projects, it is used everywhere and if you don…

PPodcasts I'm listening to right now

2018-09-02 : 1 Min Read : In entertainment

Current React Podcast : Michael Jackson and Chantasitic present this who's who of the React community talking about the React ecosystem. There are a lot of origin stories which I find inspiring as…

PPublishing your own packages to NPM (talk)

2018-05-08 : 3 Min Read : In tech

I recently gave a talk at SouthBayReact regarding publishing React components to NPM. While React components were the focus, these techniques can work for all kinds of packages. Overview Beyond…

nnpm version

2018-04-16 : 2 Min Read : In tech

NPM version is a module publishing helper. It has three phases that let you do things before, during, and after publishing your package. All you need to do is decide what you want it to do and add it…

KKeepin' it on the home row

2018-03-20 : 2 Min Read : In hobbies

What it took to finally get comfortable with keyboards I spent more than half my life searching for the arrow keys and pressing the wrong button when I needed some extraneous key like and because…

WWelcome to the rcrsv blog

2018-02-10 : 1 Min Read : In welcome

This is a tech blog about things I am working on or find interesting. I should have started it years ago. I didn't, so I am starting it now. This blog is built using Gatsby with the Minimal blog…

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